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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Gary Crowton (Louisiana State) on

Briefly, notes from Crowton (I think back from his Louisiana State days) on what he tells his quarterback's to look for before the snap.

(1) Scan the coverage. Is it man or zone coverage? Are there two safeties,
one safety, or no safeties?

(2) Check the perimeter and the edges of the box. How will I be protected?
Will I be protected?

(3) Point to the "hot" defender away from the protection call. You are
identifying the defender that must come to create a "hot" throw away from the
call side. This is vital if you do not have a built in "hot" receiver to handle
a 4th rusher backside.

Another common method (popular with the Airraid types) is to integrate the number of safeties into the snap count. I.e. "Go! 2! 2! Set, Hut!" This way the QB has to look.


Aarnout said...

I like the airraid-way of forcing your qb to call out the number of safeties, never heard of that one before.

Dave from Oz said...

I think it's much easier for the Air Raid guys, as with their spread out formations, it forces the D to declare earlier.

Mr.Murder said...

Nice cadence signal on safety number. Will keep that in mind.

ctalati32 said...

If I'm not mistaken Crowton is still the OC at LSU.

PS. LSU fans don't like being called Louisiana State, they are LSU

airraider said...

I think he meant back at his La Tech days.

And as a Gator fan, who cares what LS--WHO likes?? lol