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Monday, March 03, 2008

I Win! College Football Blogger Awards: Best Post

So I won a "College Football Blogger Award" for "Best Analysis: Best Post" for my article on the "Divide Route in the Multiple Smash Concept." I'm also up for an award for "Best Analysis" for the site as a whole, but I likely don't update with enough frequency to pull that one down.

I'm flattered to have won. The site is designed to contribute that kind of analysis with each post, so hopefully I am succeeding in my own slow and incremental way. I'm also happy with my readership: a combination of football professionals and intellectually curious football fans.

In any event, I also wanted to use the opportunity to thank the loose consortium of great college football blogs that have shown me a lot of recent support. A special hat tip too to Dawg Sports, which predicted that I'd win this particular award, and to Peter from Burnt Orange Nation, for whom I did one feature and honestly still owe him more.

To read more about the College Football Awards, check out this index from Every Day Should Be Saturday.

Last, here is a brief, nonexclusive list of some great college football blogs (each made even greater by having supported me in the past).

- Burnt Orange Nation
- Dawg Sports
- MGOBlog
- Sunday Morning Quarterback
- Every Day Should Be Saturday
- Rocky Top Talk
- Double-T Nation