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Friday, July 31, 2009

Assorted Links

1. Video of Notre Dame coach Frank Verducci coaching up the line. (H/t Blue Gray Sky)

2. Blue Gray Sky then explores the "sprint" or "stretch" run play.

3. Pro Football Reference blog compares AFL and NFL drafts.

4. New Detroit Lions' coach Jim Schwartz refuses to read books written by women. I recommend Margaret Atwood.

5. Creative types flocking to the internet, where fame can be instant but fleeting.


Tom said...

Maybe it's a Hoya thing. Of the 450 or so books I've read since I started keeping track at the end of '03, I'd guess about a dozen of them have been by women, and most of those genre fiction.

Aaron Nagler said...

Sorry Tom, can't trust anything you say on books after your pan of 'When Pride Still Mattered'. ;)

Michael Schuttke said...

FYI, the 2nd link takes one to where the first link goes which I would imagine you did not intend.

Tyler said...

#5: Ah yes, and all the more reason the technical-types drive society and pull the checks.

Tom said...

Huh, Cynthia Crossen wrote in the WSJ on Friday about women writing from the male viewpoint.

When Pride Still Mattered is very well done about Lombardi the personality. It's just that I don't recognize it about being about a football coach as opposed to, say, a corporate CEO or a President (compare Maraniss' First in His Class, about Clinton).