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Thursday, July 30, 2009

What is old is new again

Look like the bunch formation to anyone else? That's from Percy Duncan Haughton's 1922 book, Football and How to Watch It.

H/t CoachHuey.


4.0 Point Stance said...

In 1922 we didn't have blockers, we had "interferers."

Ted Seay said...



Chris said...

H/t Ted Seay

Anonymous said...

Is this a tackle-eligible play?

Ted Seay said...

Is this a tackle-eligible play?

No, this is an unbalanced line. The weakside Tackle has moved over outside his strongside counterpart, leaving the TE next to the weak Guard on the right.

When deciding which offensive line position is located where, don't count out from the Center - count in from the Ends.