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Friday, January 02, 2009

Top Five* Most Popular Articles of 2008

1. The Florida Gator/Urban Meyer Offense - Self-explanatory.

2. Coaching preview: Alabama's Nick Saban vs. Clemson's Rob Spence - I'm guessing that it was Saban and not Rob Spence that drew in readers.

3. Auburn's offense might be bad, but don't call it the spread, the Airraid, or the Tony Franklin System - This is the part where I have a hand in getting an entire coaching staff axed ... ack.

4. The Divide Route in the Multiple Smash Concept - Pure technical football here; this post won a college football blogger award.

5. The Shotgun, The 'Gun, and the Shotgun Spread Offense - A brief history of the gun and the rise of the modern spread.

* Actually, the second most popular article was one I wrote several years ago, though it is more salient than ever now: Has the Spread Offense Reached Its Apex?

** Two other rather technical and older (2005) articles dealing with a "conceptual" approach to the passing game finished barely behind these posts: Organizing Pass Plays As Concepts and St. Louis Rams Shallow Cross Concepts.

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