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Monday, March 23, 2009

Smart Notes - March 23, 2009

1. Three-verticals. Courtesy of "otowncoach," I have added video of the "three verticals" or "shakes" play to my old article on that concept. Below is the video:

2. Bruce Eien. Speaking of video, Bruce Eien of Brethren Christian High School has put up a site containing lots of video of his spread, pass-first offense. Come for the shallow cross, stay for the stupid sweep.

3. Brackeotomy. I'm a bit late, but if you only read one article on "bracket-science" or picking your bracket or really the whole thing at all, read this one by Dan Shanoff. (And the photo on that page is amazing to me for so many reasons.)

4. Trojan Football Analysis on Nebraska's run game. TFA breaks down the counter sweep and counter trey plays. Great stuff, and here's a bit to whet your appetite:

Do read the whole thing.

6. Coach Huey's site. Coach Huey's Xs and Os message board has updated its url to Update your bookmarks.

7. Favicons. So I had a "favicon" -- a little "SF" icon that appeared in the browser bar when you loaded my site -- but Blogger (and Google, who owns Blogger) appears in some kind of war against these and keeps changing the code. As a result my favicon is apparently gone, and I can't figure out how to get it back up. The old fixes on the internet don't work. If you have an answer, I'd love to hear it.


Will said...

Chris, great stuff as always. Love the Stupid Sweep, but note that if the NFHS sticks with the draft language they have released when they ban the A-ll, then that sweep and all polecat plays will be gone (or at least the EMLOS snappers will be ineligible).

According to


"The NFHS changed the rule and said that on first, second and third down, there must be four players on the line with numbers 50-79. The snapper may have a number 1-49 or 80-89, but he is ineligible."

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