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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Assorted links

1. Above is Joe Paterno's diagram and coffee. Read all about it. (Ht Black Shoe Diaries.)

2. Why do players hold out of training camp? And what agency is doing all this holding out?

3. And the cat came back, thought he was a goner.

4. “No one should feel sorry for Bob,” said Kansas Coach Mark Mangino, a former assistant at Oklahoma under Stoops, “because he doesn’t feel sorry for himself.”

5. "These camps run by schools and their coaching staffs have become critical components in the recruiting process, allowing coaches to measure heights and weights, get 40-yard dash times and meet players up-close before deciding whether to offer a scholarship."


OldSouth said...

Why is no one making a big deal of this:

Doesn't that effectively end the Jim Delaney "no playoffs b/c it affects big10/pac10 rose bowl soveriegnty" claim?

brophy said...

Re: #5, reading the article, I'm sure this isn't the way the author intended it to imply, but I'm glad someone said it. Yes, these harmless and benign summer camps are certainly meant as an "american idol" kick-the-tires shortcut of recruiting. This is especially true of smaller colleges, as well.