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Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Nevada Pistol offense over at Dr Saturday

At the Good Doctor's invitation, I guest-posted today over at Dr. Saturday on the Nevada "Pistol" offense, as part of his "Mid-Major" week.

Check it out here, and enjoy.


OldSouth said...

Also: Didn't LSU throw in a couple pistol wrinkles a few years back? I tried to look on youtube but all I got were Pistol Pete clips.

Anyway, if so, Ryan Perriloux...I mean, Jordan Jefferson would be a great candidate for its introduction to a major conference setting.

Tom said...

Ohio State ran a little bit of pistol last year with Pryor, but that was as a changeup/gimmick and not the base offense like it was for Nevada. It's tough for me to see an established power like the Buckeyes or Tigers going to something unusual full-time.

Maybe you've posted on this before and I don't remember it, but did Walker run the zone-read at Miami (OH), like when he upset the Wildcats their Rose Bowl year, or was it something he introduced in Evanston?

Tyler said...

Chis, I'm surprised you didn't mention their use of 11 personal a majority of the time. Ault discovered that it prevents teams from keying in on anything specific pre-snap. His first year there (third time around), they experimented with a lot of crazy stuff personnel wise, but they settled into a groove in the subsequent seasons.

Nevada also runs an awesome yet simple set of base pass plays that are doubly effective because of the stress their running game puts on defenses.

They use quick high-low combinations to take advantage of the back seven peaking into the backfield at the snap.

@@ Tom

OSU ran some veer with Pryor and Beanie Wells at times last year. Pryor was inconsistent with his reads early in the season sot they "veered" away from it (awful pun), but it will be interesting to see if they run it this season.