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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Smart Links 7/30/09

1. T. Kyle King has an interesting response to my incoherent musings on business and life in college football.

2. Dan Shanoff really doesn't believe Brett Favre.

3. Blutarsky is bringing the Mummepoll back. Get ready.

4. Steve Kragthorpe is determined to purge the University of Louisville of all things Brohm.

5. Captain Leach doesn't twitter, and reiterates his support for a 64-team college football playoff. I will say this: there would be some wild football, with every game a do-or-die. Some frantic, last minute wildness, every week. It might be infeasible, but the more I hear this idea the more I think it does sound fun.

6. Best thing you'll see in awhile.

7. USC's use of coaching consultants is questioned.

8. Finally, I'll be traveling today, but check out Dr Saturday as I should have a post up there later this afternoon, fitting in with the Doc's Big 12 week.


Anonymous said...

I agree on the 64 team format, though impractical. I've always proposed a 16 team format, with every conference champion and filled out with wild-cards. Let's settle it on the field...

OldSouth said...

I am a huge Kragthorpe fan. What he's done to restore academic and behavioral intergrity with the program has been remarkable. When you get down to it, that stuff is a lot more important than wins and losses.

Ok, fine. I don't give a shit about that. Go Cats!!!

Anonymous said...

The percentage of season ticket holders in Neyland Stadium (and most other SEC stadiums) who never went to college would shock college football fans in Big Ten country. If anything, these fans are even more insane in their devotion to Big Orange football than UT alums.

UT football is ingrained in the social fabric of the state in ways that someone from New Jersey or California would find hard to fathom. In Knoxville, women who detest football and use Saturday afternoons to go to the mall still wear orange when they do. Women who work at day care centers wear orange on Fridays in the fall.

Weddings are planned around the football schedule. Even people who hate football and have never watched a game know better than to schedule important activities without consulting the schedule. They've learned from experience.

And everyone knows whether the team won or lost the latest game. Everyone. They don't have a choice. It would be impossible to remain ignorant without barricading one's self in the home without the paper, radio or tv. Even then, they might hear the horns honking, if the Vols pulled off a big win.

Of course, in Alabama, every new resident is forced to choose between Auburn and Alabama. Neutrality is not an option and friendships rest on the decision. I'm not exaggerating.

Brad said...

Great Dr. Saturday article on OK. St offense.

As an NC State fan I watched 4 years of the "Scat" pass. It was Rivers' go to play and was really unstopable fo a first down. We ran it like 8-9 times in a row to come back against Ohio State and take the game into double overtime at thier place.

As far as the Ok St. offense, I really think that offense and Texas's are the type of spread offenses that could be successful in the pros. They don't have run first guys at QB but they can run it enough to cause defenses problems.

Anonymous said...

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