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Thursday, April 16, 2009

MarkUp Video - All-curl

Some readers sent me an email about their new site, MarkUpVideo. It lets you upload clips or pull them off youtube and add various "markups" and even string multiple clips together. As an example, below is a markup I did quickly on an example of the New Orleans' Saints running the "all-curl" play, which I have discussed previously. Check it out. (Click here if the embedded video isn't working. The technology is kinda new.)

Also, check out the MarkUp Blog, where the various features of the site are displayed on some captivating and at times hilarious little league football highlights (gotta love the freeze play where all the kids stand there to confuse the defense while one guy goes deep).


Grotus' Acorn said...

That... THAT IS SO DAMN COOL. You even outlined the QB's vision!

I love the intertubes.

squirrelyearl said...

Really awesome! Thanks!