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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Steve Logan on the four verticals

Came across this video by Steve Logan (East Carolina HC, Boston College OC) discussing the route. (Logan is underrated as a passing/offensive guy.) It's a nice supplement to my recent article on the concept with Dan Gonzalez. Logan is focused on "hot reads" and defeating blitzes.

Good video, though shoot me if I ever use the phrase "we want to be very offensive."


Anonymous said...

That seemed like a lot of talking to say that: 1) pre-snap reads tell the QB which WR or pair of receivers to focus on, 2) QB has to know the hot read, 3) four verticals has a lot of flexibility, 4) you have to be able to beat the blitz.

Sounds like an intelligent coach. Probably winging his video presentation without a script, outline or prior practice. I would bet he is pretty good in a back and forth discussion with a quality questioner.

More people would benefit from employing the old junior high essay format in oral as well as written presentations --
1)tell 'em what you're going to tell 'em,
2)tell 'em,
3) tell 'em what you told them.

[AKA 5 para essay -- intro paragraph, 3 para to flesh out 3 main pts, conclusion para]

TomahawkNation said...

Logan left Boston College only days after B.C. promoted defensive coordinator Frank Spaziani to the head coaching position.[2] Many reports stated that Boston College would promote Logan after the firing of Jagodzinski, but Spaziani was named head coach instead. Logan was recently installed as the new running backs coach with the NFL's Tampa Bay Buccaneers reuniting him with Jagodzinski. [3]


Tyler said...

What kind of plays are these?

Football plays.

In all seriousness, that was a very good presentation. He showed the flexibility of four verts while demonstrating the requirements of the quarterback.

Johnny Memphis said...

Smart talkative guy. Kinda looked like the 40 year old virgin