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Thursday, June 25, 2009

How to take a team to the woodshed with your spread offense

The spread may not always be the answer to everything, but if you can do what this team does, you don't need anything else. (Warning: This video contains images of putrid tackling, and may not be suitable for public consumption.)

(Ht HueyBoard).

Incidentally, though I generally agree with Dr Saturday that the spread isn't (and need not be) the sine qua non of someone's offense to the exclusion of everything else, practice time must be considered: Division I football teams have a fraction of the practice time allowed in the NFL, but even many high schools have more practice time, counting in summer passing leagues, spring football, and all that. And, with limited practice time, there can be benefits to being a hedgehog like Florida or TTech, and doing one thing extremely well, rather than going for mystical universality by being "pro-style, whereby the players are overloaded.


Tyler said...

I guess it helps a bit to have an athlete like Russell Shepard too.

Mr.Murder said...

Can't see the video linky.

Passing is simple, find open grass and look for who is headed there.