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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Steve Logan on the shallow cross and blitz-control

Steve Logan, currently with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and formerly the offensive coordinator for Boston College and head coach of East Carolina, has a nice presentation on using "hot" routes in the dropback game. This is a nice companion to my recent discussion on the "shallow," "drive," and "drag" concepts. (I also recently linked to Logan discussing four-verticals.)


DoubleB said...

Did he say he had 60 5-step drop passing plays? If that's without any tags, but actual concepts, that's a LOT of passing game.

Anonymous said...

You also might find interesting the article by (then OC, now HC) David Dean at Valdosta State on VSU's shallow passing game. It was in the June 2006 issue of American Football Monthly. (VSU won the NCAA Div. 2 title under Chris Hatcher in 2004, and under David Dean in 2007.)

Tyler said...


I have to think that it must be concepts x formations x separate route combinations + tags added on to certain plays.

60 different 5 step drop plays is a ton.

Anonymous said...

Also, 8 different protections is quite a bit if they are all for a 5 step drop...I'd like to see another session on how they block it that many ways.

Our high school varsity has really only 2 ways to block a straight 5 step drop. Keep it simple for the hogs...

Mr.Murder said...

You can;t just call protections for protections sake. What kind of portection matches what kind of front?

You cannot even get into dicsussions of how to break coverages if you cannot block the fronts attached them.