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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The most famous "smash" of all?

I've previously deliberated on the "smash" concept at length; it's one of the best passing plays, a staple of every modern passing game, and was in many ways one of the transition concepts from the dark ages to today's sophisticated passing attacks. The basic concept is a simple one: an outside receiver runs to about five yards and basically turns around, while an inside receiver runs to about ten yards and breaks for the corner. The idea is for the outside receiver to hold the cornerback shallow while the corner route breaks open behind him. See the diagram below.

I had long remembered this play, but I was delighted when I saw that Every Day Should Be Saturday tracked down the famous use of the "smash" concept by Auburn (then coached by Terry Bowden) to beat Florida. The video below is self-explanatory; the smash concept could not be demonstrated more clearly.


Grotus' Acorn said...

War Damn Eagle!

Anonymous said...


AERose said...

Most of the schematic stuff on this blog goes directly over my head, but that play was so beautifully simple it made my smile.

Anonymous said...

There's a good video by Butch Davis explaining a smash concept that got Hakeem Nicks open for a TD in '07.

click on Coach's Video Playbook and go all the way down to "Hakeem Nicks TD vs. Ga. Tech."